Curated yarn from BIPOC dyers available now!
Curated yarn from BIPOC dyers available now!
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Meet the Makers: December Fiber in Color

Beautiful hand dyed yarn doesn't grow on trees! It takes lots of love, patience, and talent to get the yarn from from the sheep to your door. Fiber in Color aims to connect the face to the fiber! For December, the two makers are Eva Szabo from Seismic Yarn & Dyeworks and Maria Negrete from A Needle Runs Through It. 


Eva Szabo is the dyer behind Seismic Yarn & Dyeworks, based just outside of San Francisco. Eva makes color to rock your world, and she does this on some pretty exquisite bases. A San Francisco native, Eva is inspired by her hometown, her life, her children, and the silly stories that punctuate their days. She shares stories in her colorway descriptions and on Instagram—if you get a chance to meet her in person, make sure to ask her for a story! There are some that are for IRL situations only!

Eva began her dye journey as the perfect storm of a person who likes nice things, is on a budget, and is a lifelong DIYer. She started off “just playing” but with some encouragement from friends and family, her “play” became more serious. Combining her love of science and lab equipment with her growing dye knowledge, Eva discovered a love of creating color for people who, like her, are afraid of wearing color. With the help of her children (affectionately known as the Dye Interns), she explored the world of neon and black light/UV reactive colors and they haven’t looked back. Despite this fun with neons, Eva’s heart lies in the moodier, broodier section of the color wheel and she refuses to give up her rich semi-solid, tonal, and low contrast variegated colorways. 



Maria Isabel Negrete is an Ecuadorian immigrant and proud! She has loved crafting since she was a child and has always looked for ways to incorporate that passion into any work she did. She stated A Needle Runs Through It as a side hustle in 2011 with boxy bags. At Stitches West she met a network of "boss lady buddies" and with their encouragement and support, she grew her business from there. She opened an Etsy shop and has been expanding offerings to make lots of crafting accessories. She now owns two BOSS (lady) lasers, which she used to make notions and popular stitch markers. 


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