Curated yarn from BIPOC dyers available now!
Curated yarn from BIPOC dyers available now!
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Hey yall!


I'm Darci, the creator behind Darci Does it! I am a twenty-something hand dyed yarn hoarder based in St. Louis. You can find me hiding said yarn from my loving husband Arty, our dog Saucy, and our two cats Spot & Bernie! I love to travel, mostly to find new yarn stores, and I've almost always got my knitting nearby. 

I am a true DIYer at heart and fancy myself a knitting MacGyver. I post tips on knitting, black history, dismantling white supremacy, and all things yarny over on Instagram @darcidoesit. This space will be an extension of my creations without the 2200 character limit! 

My newest adventure, Fiber in Color, was born out of my desire to find more makers of color to support. I realized it was work to find these businesses and search algorithms are no friend to small businesses. I figured there had to be a better way, and that is how Fiber in Color came to be! I work with super talented dyers and fiber adjacent businesses to create custom colors I love and bring them to your door with ease. If you're looking for your new favorite dyer, you've come to the right place.