Curated yarn from BIPOC dyers available now!
Curated yarn from BIPOC dyers available now!
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What is Fiber in Color?

Fiber in Color is a yarn collection curated by Darci Kern featuring BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) businesses. Featuring collaborations with new dyers each month, exclusive colorways will be available in limited quantities with a little something extra that will change each month. 

Is this a subscription?

 No. At this time, it is a month-to-month offering. I understand each person will have varying taste and I only want you to have yarn you absolutely love. You'll have the chance to decide each month if the yarn offered is really speaking to you! 

When will I get my yarn?

The listings here are pre-orders and each product will have the estimated shipping date on the listing. Please be considerate and understandingeveryone involved in getting these products to you are humans and it will take a few trips in the mail before finding its way to your loving home.  

How is the yarn dyed? 

All yarns are dyed by independent yarn dyers. I recommend checking the dyer's website for specific care instructions that are not listed on the label. All skeins are hand dyed, by people. No two will be exactly the same, that is part of the beauty of a handmade product! Alternating skeins in a project will blend the skeins into a cohesive color. I do my very best to photograph the yarn accurately but there are variations between monitors, devices, and lighting. I invite you to check out my Instagram @darcidoesit for photographs and videos of sample projects and lighting. 

What makes this different from other yarn boxes?

The mission of Fiber in Color is to uplift BIPOC businesses and educate discerning yarn collectors on opportunities to support small businesses beyond one weekend of the year. If you miss out on an offering at Fiber in Color, most of the dyers will be offering the same colorway directly on their website for a comparable price. If you really love the products, you will likely be able to continue buying them even if you miss out with Fiber in Color!